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2018 Predicted Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends | Zookbinders

Wedding Trends | Zookbinders

  1. Transparent Elements

Whether it’s a classy outdoor wedding or an enclosed affair, the 2018 trend of transparent elements is all the rage for this year. This trend is more crystal clear than a bell and includes glass enclosed wedding venues and acrylic designs. Although this trend works well with greenery, it also looks really nice with nude-colored florals. Brides have started with clear invitations, and then intertwined the clear theme into their ceremony and reception. A great final finish to this wedding trend would be our Acrylic Leather Spine Album.

Wedding Trends | Zookbinders
  1. Wreaths

This adorable accessory has moved from your front door to centerpieces at wedding tables, hair accessories for the brides and flowergirls, and gorgeous backdrops for when brides and grooms are saying “I do”. Whether it’s mixed with flowers, leaves, or cute accents, these wreaths are the welcome addition for 2018 creative couples.

© Moonshine Studio of Photography
  1. Color of 2018 – All About the Ultra Violet

Ultra violet is the 2018 Pantone color of the year and we are seeing it transcend into 2018 wedding in a big way. Whether it’s purple floral bouquets, centerpieces, bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses, or even accents in the wedding dress – it’s raining purple this year and we love it!  

  1. Boho-Chic is the new Rustic

Rustic weddings were the popular pin on Pinterest for the past few years, but 2018 is pushing them aside a bit to make room for the new favorite – Bohemian weddings! The days of rustic barn weddings with do-it-yourself floral arrangements and mason jars are being replaced with an eclectic mix of natural and romantic vintage details in the bride’s wedding day deco. From airy dresses and floral crowns to cascading bouquets, brides are brings boho back from the hippie days and into this century!

© Wilson Sarkis Photography & Cinematography
  1. Whimsical

Brides are bringing their fantasy weddings to life with this fun new trend of whimsical weddings. The creativity knows no limit with these super creative weddings, inspired by romantic movies, magical animated films, and festive carnival themes. Popular accents for these weddings are butterflies, fairies, and angels, along with romantic flowing dresses, twinkling tree lights, gorgeous light fixtures, and boundless fun whimsical elements fit for a fairytale.

  1. Hanging Florals

The ceiling is barely the limit with the latest trend of hanging floral installations. Zookbinders has already seen designs showing off these gorgeous floral displays and they are stunning! The hanging floral installations not only are practical – they give more space at the table and you no longer have tilt your head around the large candle arrangement in the middle of the table. Although it’s probably not quite so practical on the budget – these arrangements are gorgeous and expensive – they give creative viewpoints to any glamourous wedding.  

© Wilson Sarkis Photography & Cinematography
© Wilson Sarkis Photography & Cinematography
  1. Black is Back

Black is back in two bold ways this year: Black and gold stationary, and black accents on wedding dresses. The black and gold stationary gives elegance to invitations, wedding programs, and displays throughout the wedding reception. It symbolizes glamour, wellness, wealth, and wisdom and gives your affair a statement to remember. The black accents on the wedding dress give a bold look to any style and easily matches any bridesmaid dress of any

  1. Burgundy is the new Navy Blue for Grooms

Last year we saw a lot of navy blue on grooms, and this year navy is out and burgundy is in. Black, gray, and navy are all making way for the 2018 hit color on men and the brides are loving it! Add the burgundy color to any slim fit suit and you have one styling groom for 2018. Another fun trend is matching styles – the burgundy jacket with a great navy trouser, or a burgundy suit with brown brogues. The tip for the men is to avoid patterns and just let the color pop!

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