Things You Should Do:

● Talk to every client – in person, on the phone and electronically

● Take beautiful photographs that your client will cherish

● Become proficient in basic upselling skills, which include meeting with clients before and after events. Note: a little extra cash solves a lot of life’s problems 🙂

● Follow up after the event to make sure your client is thrilled with everything including their professional wedding album. Then ask for referrals and to submit reviews

Design Wedding Albums | Zookbinders

Things You Shouldn’t Do:

● Overshoot

● Spend hours Culling out bad photos – there are companies that can do this for you

● Edit 1000+ photos – this too can be outsourced to someone who does this for a living. They will get it done quicker than you.

● Give clients access to their images without delivering a pre-selected gallery of recommended photos for their album – Zookbinders has the best solution for this – see

Design Wedding Albums

Design Wedding Albums | Zookbinders
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