06 Jul, 2017

Senior Album Showcase

06 Jul, 2017

Does your photography business model focus on high school seniors? This area can be a gold mine! However it is a competitive field spread thin between contracted school photographers and relatives with decent DSLRs. What can you do to set yourself apart in the senior market? Simple – offer customized photo albums.

High school seniors run the gamut of personality and style. Photographing them is an absolute blast! Seniors demand great creative shots of their signature look, first car, beloved pet, current obsession or to showcase their accomplishments. They want to be seen as unique and individual. No two sessions can be alike.

In the age of the selfie it’s impossible to escape the tidal volume of shared images, and to quench the thirst for immediate satisfaction, that’s fine. A professional photo album, on the other hand, can showcase the difference between what goes on SnapChat and what should be preserved for a lifetime.

Make your customer’s senior portrait experience stand out by putting customized photo albums in their hands. THAT is your differentiator – professional senior albums ARE UNIQUE, and a custom album design means they are truly INDIVIDUAL.

By the way…

Whether they know it or not the senior photo album isn’t all about that grad. Let’s not forget Mom & Dad. Parents want to preserve a moment in time – pressing pause briefly while their child steps over a threshold moving towards adulthood. Emotionally aware of the fleeting moment, seniors’ customized photo albums are MADE for Mom & Dad – and grandparents for that matter. Replica photo albums are an easy upsell.

These days not all images get printed – only the few, worthy little masterpieces make to that level. And that’s a good thing. Senior Photo Albums aren’t for ordinary seniors or ordinary images. Only the treasured best will preserved for a lifetime.

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