2016 Customer Advisory Board

Our Customer Advisory Board was developed with the mindset that there’s no better way to determine our customers’ needs than by talking to (and more importantly, listening to) our customers directly!


We hold quarterly formal meetings with the board and have constant feedback and communication with these members so we can better exceed your expectations by anticipating your needs at every opportunity.



Zookbinders Photographers - Dani Klein-Williams Dani Klein-Williams

Contact Information: http://www.daniphotography.com/

Location: Northampton, MA

Type of Photography: Boudoir, Weddings & Portraits

Years in the Photography Industry: 15+

Dani Klein-Williams has been capturing the very best in people for over 15 years and has loved every minute of it. As a Hallmark graduate from humble beginnings with little more than a dream and perseverance, Dani guided her business into what it has become today. dani.fine photography & image studio now comprises of a team of passionate, creative women delivering multi faceted, widely published, award winning work.
Specializing in Boudoir, Dani alongside her all female photography team have carved out a chic, flirty and feminine style dedicated to capturing each woman’s best assets. With a focus on revealing a woman’s true essence, Dani’s boudoir photography not only delivers uniquely alluring photos but also an unforgettable and meaningful experience for each and every client. With an innate approachability and a bit of humor, Dani embraces the concept that every woman has a beauty all her own, one simply must know how to draw it out and capture it. This book offers accessible, constructive guidance on how to just that, cultivate exceptionally striking boudoir photography.
In addition to running her full service studio, Dani also offers personal business consultations and speaks nationally, most recently having partnered with the Knot and the Inspire Photo Retreat.



Zookbinders Photographers - Kevin McPherson Kevin McPherson

Contact Information: http://kevinemcpherson.com/

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Type of Photography: Weddings & Portraits

Years in the Photography Industry: 10+

Kevin McPherson is an award winning wedding and portrait photographer. Kevin and his studio, originally based in Philadelphia, have recently relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a new studio opening in 2016.
Kevin had long desired to be a photographer and after serving in the Navy for several years began working as a photographer’s assistant at a busy portrait studio.  Kevin’s love of photography continued to grow and with the encouragement from his mentor, began showing his work at local galleries. The positive response encouraged Kevin to complete his associate’s degree at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he graduated with honors and awards. During this time Kevin branched out and began working for several wedding and portrait photographers and learning his craft.
With a strong desire to eat and not be a starving artist, Kevin launched Kevin McPherson Photography in 2001.    Since this time, Kevin has shot over 600 weddings and more portraits than you can count. Kevin McPherson Photography has been honored by being selected Best of the Knot for 2007 and 2012, Wedding Wire Brides Choice Award 2013, Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2014, 2015 and selected as One of the Top 25 Wedding Photographers in Philadelphia for 2015 by Expertise.com



Zookbinders Photographers - Joey Ikemoto Joey Ikemoto

Contact Information: http://www.joeyikemoto.com/

Location: Torrance CA

Type of Photography: Weddings & Portraits

Years in the Photography Industry: 30+

Joey Ikemoto is a certified Master/Craftsman from The Professional Photographers of America. He has been in business for 39 years and owns a beautiful six thousand square foot retail photographic gallery studio located in the Historical Downtown district of Torrance, CA near Los Angeles.
The studio photographs an average of 80­100 weddings a year as well as 600­800 portraits. Besides weddings and portraits, Joey is also hired by many large corporations for commercial assignments. His corporate clientele includes Toyota, Samsung, Honda, ATT and Trans­ America to name a few. These corporate jobs have taken Joey across the nation as well as around the world. He has been on assignment in Japan, Maui, The Bahamas and Costa Rica.
Joey Ikemoto has also won several awards including The Knot Hall of Fame and has won The Knot Best of Weddings for the Los Angeles area in 2010,2011,2013,2014,2015 and 2016. The City of Torrance recognized Joey’s achievements by awarding him with the Torrance Performing Arts Consortium Presidents award in 2015 “Living life through the Arts”
He has a staff of four full time employees, which two have been with him for over 25 years.
Joey is also a educational speaker and has a keynote speaking assignment in Takamatsu, Japan in July of 2016. Joey is married to his college sweet heart. They met when they were 18 years old and they have been married for 32 years, and have been busy raising 2 teenagers.



Zookbinders Photographers - J&A Photography Joel and Andrea Knepper: J&A Photography

Contact Information: http://jandaphoto.com/

Location: Central PA

Type of Photography: Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry: 10+

Joel and Andrea Knepper are owners and operators of J&A Photography. They have both been involved not only in photography but the visual arts their entire lives, and are honored to be able to utilize their talents to create beautiful family heirlooms for their clients. They started out small in 2004, shooting mostly weddings and the occasional portrait – but it wasn’t long before they became well known in the Central PA area for their creative style and fun approach. Joel is a graduate of Penn State’s Photography department. With a bachelor of science degree in photography as well as years of assisting experience and working in a commercial photographic lab, you could say that Joel is more of the technician of the two. Andrea, also a product of Penn State’s photography department, brings something a bit different into the mix. With a B.A. in Photography and a true love of all things artistic and inspirational, Andrea is the creative drive behind J&A Photography. Her background in photography and art history, as well as experience in merchandising, styling, and customer service, are a unique combination that help her to bring a truly heartfelt perspective to her photography. This melding of styles and areas of expertise is what truly makes J&A photography different from the rest.



Zookbinders Photographers - Joe Connolly Joe Connolly

Contact Information: http://chugachpeaks.com/

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Type of Photography: Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry: 15+

Joe Connolly has captured the wedding memories of over 1000 couples in 15 years and built Alaska’s busiest wedding photography company with 7 photographers. He has photographed weddings all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Originally from Michigan, Joe moved to Anchorage, Alaska to pursue his passion for the outdoors and photography. He learned his craft through some of the best wedding photographers in Michigan and combined the best of what he saw from them with creativity of his own to fashion his own unique style. When not photographing weddings, you might find him on his mountain bike, backcountry skiing, flying single engine aircraft, or climbing mountains.



Zookbinders Photographers - AnnieLandry-SusanSymonds Annie Landry and Susan Symonds: Infinity Portrait Design

Contact Information: http://www.InfinityPortraitDesign.com/

Location: Boston

Type of Photography: Portraits, Commercial, Events & Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry: 30+

Susan was born & raised in Rochester, NY (Kodak Country). Her dad an Eastman Kodak employee & avid photographer gave Susan her first camera and a bag of film and well the rest is history. She graduated from Endicott College with a degree in photography and has continued her education throughout her 30-year career by studying the art & current techniques from many of the PPA industry leaders & mentors. Her career has explored many faces using both analog & digital mediums and has taken her on a journey to develop her skills as the portrait artist she is today. Susan’s studio is currently on Boston’s historic Beacon Hill where she specializes in business portraits, b/w relationship work, families & newborns.
Annie came on board as the studio manager & co-owner at Infinity Portrait Design in 2005 when Susan offered her an amazing opportunity to help her fulfill her dream of launching a portrait studio on Beacon Hill. Although not a photographer, Annie has always had a love of photography especially black & white portraiture. Her responsibilities have grown tremendously over the past 10 years in addition to sales and her administrative duties; she now assists with postproduction and design.



Zookbinders Photographers - Anna Tu Anna Tu

Contact Information: http://www.nshorephoto.com/

Location: North Shore, Chicago

Type of Photography: Wedding

Years in the Photography Industry: 20+

Anna came to America from England in 1994 as a nanny and ended up going to school in the US to get her photography degree. 20 years later, she is part owner with Shawn Martin at North Shore Photography.  After working with other studios on the area, North Shore Photography started in 2007 and has now become very prominent in the Chicago area.  Anna loves photographing people and events…”it’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, but it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are” is a quote that is always true to her heart in photography.  When Anna is not working, she spends time with her 2 boys and husband and travels the world to visit family.



Zookbinders Photographers - Michelle Peyronet Michelle Peyronet

Contact Information: http://peyronetphotography.com/

Location: Dallas – Fort Worth

Type of Photography: Wedding

Years in the Photography Industry: 15+

Michelle Peyronet is a Dallas – Fort Worth based Wedding Photographer with over 15 years of wedding photography experience. She photographed her first wedding in 2000, and went full time in 2005 after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from The University of Texas at Arlington. She is professional with a healthy dose of fun. Her outgoing and energetic nature helps put her clients at ease in front of the camera and draws out their personalities in the photos. Michelle knows that every couple is different and strives to capture their unique bond in her work. She has been blessed to photograph weddings not just in the DFW Metroplex, but all over the world. A few of Michelle’s favorite exotic destination wedding photography locations have been Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Mexico and Okinawa, Japan. Michelle is a hometown girl, born in Dallas, raised in Arlington where she currently live with her husband, Brad, super energetic puppy, Maggie, and any day now will be having their first baby!



 Zookbinders Photographers Caitlin Hudnall: Caitlin’s Creations

Contact Information: www.ccportraitdesign.com

Location: San Antonio, TX

Type of Photography: Weddings, Events & Portraits

Years in the Photography Industry: 7

Caitlin was drawn into photography through high-school and college and found her love for graphic design along the way. After several years of training under some amazing industry professionals in the field, Caitlin decided to open Caitlin’s Creations Photography and Design in the fall of 2008.  With the help of her amazing husband and wonderful clients, six years and 6 awarded magazine covers later, Caitlin’s Creations has grown to one of the top wedding photography companies in San Antonio. Caitlin specializes in capturing personal moments and the warmth of each individual subject, and then turning those moments into beautiful stories through graphic design. Her specialties are Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and Baby Portraits. Caitlin loves being able to work closely with her clients and limits her bookings each year in order to have that time and connection with each one. Besides being a romantic at heart and in love with the beauty and promise of weddings, Caitlin and her husband are avid Swing Dancers, so she has a special place in her heart for all things vintage.



Zookbinders Photographers Tom Wall

Contact Information: www.tomwallphotography.com

Location: Albany, NY

Type of Photography: Wedding

Years in the Photography Industry: 10+

For a long time I worked as a commercial photographer at the Albany, NY NBC TV station. One day my wife Noëlle decided that we should also be a lot more serious than I had been about being a wedding photographer. For about 10 years, she let me do both of these things full time–it was tough, but it taught me a lot about hard work, dedication, and time management. Most of all, though, it taught me about what I love doing most. While I still do some commercial work, wedding photography is where my heart is. Since my earliest days in photography, it has always been pictures of people interacting in some natural way that spoke loudest to me. At this stage of my career–I’ve been hanging around for a while now–I also love mentoring my young assistants, and I’m amazed at what they bring to our operation. I’ve been a Zookbinders client since the days when Mark was answering the phones, so I’m excited to work with the company in this advisory role.



Zookbinders Photographers EmilyJohnson Emily Johnson

Contact Information: www.emilyjohnsonphotography.com

Location:Milwaukee, WI

Type of Photography: Wedding & Portrait

Years in the Photography Industry: 10

Emily started out photographing newborns at all the hospitals in her area. Some friends of hers started a wedding photography business and she joined their studio in 2004 and stayed there until 2007. At the start of 2008 Emily launched her own company. She loves to be able to capture moments for people and it is a creative outlet for Emily. She feels like photography utilizes all of her strengths – people skills, sales & art.



Zookbinders Photographers chriscami Chris & Cami

Contact Information: www.chrisandcami.com/blog

Location:Charleston, SC

Type of Photography: Wedding

Years in the Photography Industry: 20+

In 1994, Chris and Cami were pursuing separate photographic careers when a chance encounter brought them together. One day Chris’ lab tech had to leave work one day due to an emergency, Cami volunteered to cover the void. What began as a professional courtesy soon turned into…well…as they say, the rest is history! Together, Chris and Cami are able to provide the quality photography and personal service to every client in or visiting the Charleston area.



Customer Advisory Board Alumni 2013-2015



Zookbinders Photographers - Russ Caron Russ Caron

Contact Information: http://www.wed-pix.com/

Location: Maine

Type of Photography: Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry: 30+

Russell photographed his first wedding as a teenager in the 70’s and has been a full time wedding photographer for the past ten years. Together with wife Liz, Russ shoots about 40 weddings per year all over Maine, and other destinations. They also operate Maine Photo Studio which is a fully equipped rental studio space.
Russ is a workshop instructor, mentor, speaker, contributing editor to Shutterbug magazine, served on the editorial advisory board of Seacoast Weddings magazine in New Hampshire, is a 3-time cover photographer of Real Maine Weddings magazine, serves on the board of directors of the Maine Professional Photographers Association, for which he also served as president from 2013-2014. Russ and Liz keep their people, communication, and business skills sharp by volunteer coaching with the Dale Carnegie Training franchise in southern Maine. The couple live and work out of a fully renovated textile mill, with high ceilings and gorgeous brickwork overlooking the Saco River. He has 3 birth children, 3 adopted children from India, and 1 domestically adopted child.



Zookbinders Photographers Patrick Abel: Special Moments Photography

Contact Information: www.specialmomentsusa.com

Location: Plymouth, MI

Type of Photography: Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry:20+

Patrick’s passion for photography has been with him for as long as he can remember. With a constant desire to excel in his field he has sought out some of the finest professionals in the field to study under and along with to gain more knowledge of his craft. He is a member of PPA and enters the international competition yearly. He has earned two degrees: Master of Photography & Photographic Craftsmen and numerous awards for his work. Wedding Photography has been a creative outlet that combines fine portraiture and photojournalism with creative expression. Patrick is based out of the metro Detroit area but travels.



 Zookbinders Photographers sshannon Sean Shannon

Contact Information: www.seanshannonphotography.com

Location: Blacksburg, VA

Type of Photography: Child, Family & Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry: 20

While my interest in photography began in high school, I have been a photographer by trade for nearly 20 years. I began my career with a focus in child and family photography but ultimately found my niche once I began shooting weddings. I was able to develop a personal artistic style, both as a hobby and profession, that was strongly influenced by photojournalism. This style acted as the igniting spark that created Let’s Be Candid. Let’s Be Candid was created in 2008 with the goal of utilizing artistic photography elements to capture wedding memories. To date, I have booked nearly 1,000 weddings throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. I am particularly fond of wedding photography because it offers a unique opportunity to take part in such an important life event and capture the joy, love, and happiness of others through my perspective.



Zookbinders Photographers jayseth Jay Seth

Contact Information: www.jaysethphoto.com

Location: New York, NY

Type of Photography: Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry:20+

Jay Seth’s love for photography revolves around the relationships that he builds. He is a master at capturing the beauty and joy of life. His methods combine a photo-journalistic approach with a sense of playfulness. His clients love his passion, energy, fun visionary style along with his professionalism. His interest in photography started at the age of thirteen. He realized that he had found a profession in which he loved what he was doing while still inspired to create art at the same time. Jay has photographed a variety of events ranging from rock concerts to fashion shows to traditional weddings. Jay sees a wedding day as much more than a ceremony-it is an entire experience. These experiences all come together to create the complete story of your wedding day. The idea is to create the most beautiful and artistic documentation of this experience.He captures the moment-by-moment, candid perspectives of a client’s wedding experience. He will never ask a client to step out of the moment; rather he encourages them to be themselves. The wedding process is an intimate one which often leads to friendships. A one on one session with a client is almost like a blind date, so to speak. In turn, Jay wants clients to leave with a sense of closeness and trust that is sure to come upon spending time with him.



 Zookbinders Photographers Troy Marjorie Troy & Margie Miller: Imagery Concepts

Contact Information: www.imageryconcepts.com

Location: Corona, CA

Type of Photography: Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry: 20+

Marjorie and Troy have been professional wedding photographers for over 20 years.  As a team, Marjorie and Troy have distinct opinions and separate jobs in their business.  Troy first mastered his craft in film and later refined those skills by embracing digital capture.  Troy is the eyes of the company, using his creative shooting techniques and editing skills to give Imagery Concepts a one-of-a-kind perspective.  Marjorie is the heart of the business, communicating daily with brides and building relationships that last a lifetime.  They come together on the wedding day to capture breath-taking images from both perspectives.  As a team, Troy has accomplished several awards, including the Professional Photographers of California (PPC) 2012 Wedding Photographer of the Year, 2013 Commercial Photographer of the Year, and had his images placed into the Professional Photographers of America’s (PPA) 2013 and 2014 Loan Collection.  Troy is motivated to help educate other photographers through organizations such as PPC and local photography affiliates with his participation as PPC Expo Digital Cafe Chair and lecturer.  Troy served his local affiliate (IEPPV) as the 2012-2013 President where he also earned 2011, 2013, and 2014 Wedding Photographer of the Year.



 Zookbinders Photographers jmiguel J. Miguel

Contact Information: www.jmiguel.com

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type of Photography: Weddings & Portraits

Years in the Photography Industry:30+

J. Miguel Studio has been a thriving family business in Miami, Florida for over 30 years. Considered one of Florida’s most talented and versatile studio owners, J. Miguel has now brought his business to Roswell, Georgia, along with his talented staff. Expanding the business was not expected and certainly not an easy decision. Three years ago Mr. Hernandez and his wife were faced with the decision to adopt three children within the family. In order to give the children the best life possible, Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez decided to move their new family to the safe, family oriented state of Georgia. This decision meant starting over, not only with three small children, but also raising a business from the ground. The three beautiful children now form part of the Hernandez family. Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez have high hopes that Georgia will be a great place for their children to grow, but also for their business to thrive.



 Zookbinders Photographers Sara Kauss Sara Kauss

Contact Information: www.sarakauss.com

Location:Jupiter, FL

Type of Photography: Weddings & Events

Years in the Photography Industry:

Sara Kauss, an international photographer is mostly known for her photojournalistic style and colorful, dynamic photos with personality, is currently making her mark with her Destination Wedding and Music-themed photos. Sara Kauss photography specializes in destination weddings, concert photography, and musician shoots. Aside from that, Kauss also makes it her duty to speak to photographers across the country on how to build a successful photography business, and teaches workshops to educate photographers on proper shooting techniques.  “At Sara Kauss Photography, I want my images to tell a story, create the feeling you were right there in that moment,” says Kauss.  “Whether it be a secret look between a bride and groom, an artist rocking out on stage or a musician in their element posing for that descriptive album cover shot, creativity is forefront to every single moment captured. “Sara Kauss has been featured on NBC’s Wedding Special, BRIDES Magazine, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, CBS News, People and Southern Weddings.



 Zookbinders Photographers Anne Anne Sachs

Contact Information: www.artfulweddings.com

Location: Baltimore, MD

Type of Photography: Wedding

Years in the Photography Industry:

One of Maryland’s top wedding photographers, Anne got her start while working with her husband Joe in his NYC commercial studio as both an assistant and stylist.   After relocating to Baltimore, Anne and Joe began Artful Weddings.  Between their photographic expertise/style and ability to give their clients a relaxed, fun experience, Artful Weddings has continued to grow and become one of the top studios in Maryland.  In addition to numerous blogs, Anne’s work has appeared in publications such as the Knot magazine, Elegant Bride, Engaged magazine, Baltimore Bride, Style and Modern Bride.



 Zookbinders Photographers bfloden Brad Floden: Cobalt Photography

Contact Information: www.photosbycobalt.com

Location: Northbrook, IL

Type of Photography: Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate.

Years in the Photography Industry:20

Brad started his professional journey as a scenic and lighting designer in Chicago after graduating college. He started working as a photographer in 1995 and very quickly focused all his time on the camera. His first job was photographing families and most enjoyed capturing the first few weeks of a newborn. From there he started shooting events for a studio on Chicago’s northshore and developed a strong reputation within the community which led him to forming his own studio in 2004. Originally named Classic Image Photography, the studio was rebranded in 2012 to Cobalt Photography in order to stand apart from the numerous “Classic” named studios on the internet. Brad now has two photographers shooting with him, and the studio averages 80-100 events a year. With a strong position in the Jewish market, the studio shoots an abundance of bar and bat mitzvahs, as well as it’s share of weddings and a very busy corporate schedule. When Brad is not shooting, he lives to be under the water on scuba, or in the mud on his ATV.


Zookbinders Photographers nick Nicholas Albert: Artistic Imagery

Contact Information: www.artisticimagery.com

Location: Bensalem, PA

Type of Photography: Wedding

Years in the Photography Industry:20



Zookbinders Photographers belen Belen Aquino: Gerber & Scarpelli Weddings

Contact Information:www.gerberscarpelliweddings.com

Location: Chicago, IL

Type of Photography:Wedding

Years in the Photography Industry: 12



Zookbinders Photographers LaurenBarney Lauren Barney

Contact Information: www.laurenbarneyphotography.com

Location: Kent, OH

Type of Photography:Weddings, children & some corporate

Years in the Photography Industry:11



Zookbinders Photographers lindsaybetz Lindsay Betz: Jonathan Betz Photography

Contact Information: www.jonathanbetz.com

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Type of Photography: Portraits & Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry: 6



Zookbinders Photographers Dan Dan Dettloff: Elite Entertainment, Inc.

Contact Information: www.weddingsbyelite.com

Location: Warren, MI

Type of Photography: Weddings, Engagement Sessions and Family Portraits

Years in the Photography Industry: 5



Zookbinders Photographers ChrisFallon Chris Fallon: Fallon Photos, LLC

Contact Information: www.fallonphotos.com

Location: www.fallonphotos.com

Type of Photography: Wedding

Years in the Photography Industry: 30



Zookbinders Photographers james James Fidelibus: JB Studios

Contact Information: www.jamesbrian.com

Location:Walnut Creek, CA

Type of Photography:Portrait, Wedding, Corporate Events

Years in the Photography Industry:30



Zookbinders Photographers darah Darah Groce: Dollface Studio

Contact Information:www.dollfacestudio.com

Location:Philadelphia, PA

Type of Photography: Wedding and Boudoir

Years in the Photography Industry: 13



Zookbinders Photographers meir Meir Israel: Michael Anthony Photography

Contact Information:www.maelite.com

Location: Coral Springs, FL

Type of Photography: Wedding and Portrait

Years in the Photography Industry: 15



Zookbinders Photographers michael mcmahon Michael McMahon

Contact Information:www.georgestreetphoto.com

Location: Chicago, IL

Type of Photography: Wedding, Photo Journalism, Landscape, Portraiture

Years in the Photography Industry: His entire life



Zookbinders Photographers TimOtto Tim Otto
Contact Information:www.timotto.com

Location:San Diego, CA

Type of Photography: Weddings and Portraits

Years in the Photography Industry: 20



Zookbinders Photographers michael Michael A. Sabatino: Michael Anthony Photography

Contact Information: www.michaelanthonyphoto.com

Location:Cooper City, FL

Type of Photography: Wedding and Portrait

Years in the Photography Industry: 26



Zookbinders Photographers AshleyStone Ashley Stone

Contact Information:www.ashleystonephotography.com

Location: Archdale, NC

Type of Photography: Children, Families, and Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry: 6



Zookbinders Photographers Pete Peter Thompson: Photo Hawaii

Contact Information:www.photohawaii.com

Location: Kihei, HI

Type of Photography: Destination Weddings

Years in the Photography Industry: 41



Zookbinders Photographers courtney Courtney Van Damme: Timothy Whaley & Associates

Contact Information:www.twaphoto.com

Location: Lombard, IL

Type of Photography: Wedding/ Portrait

Years in the Photography Industry: 7



Zookbinders Photographers tim Tim Whaley

Contact Information: www.twaphoto.com

Location: Lombard, IL

Type of Photography:Wedding

Years in the Photography Industry: 21