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Best Email Marketing Practices for Photographers

One of the best ways for photographers to reach out to potential clients and accelerate your business is through email marketing. Email is an incredibly efficient way to market your services and products to your audience. Unlike the visitors who wander onto your site from search engine traffic, your email listContinue Reading

A Unique 21st Birthday Gift

This month Zookbinders will celebrate our 21st birthday. We know its wedding season and that you’re too busy to send us a congratulatory note with lots of emojis; so to thank you for helping us become old enough to buy beer in all 50 states, we’d like to share aContinue Reading
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Selling photography is not like selling timeshares in Florida

The other day I had what has become a familiar conversation with a very talented wedding photographer who was lamenting that only a small percentage of his clients order his, more profitable collections that include a professional photo book. The rest end up with disk-only coverage. When asked why thatContinue Reading
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Photographers’ Images Held Hostage: What should you do?

Recently, the Zookbinders crew had a security meeting, teaching us about online security threats and how both companies and home computers can be affected and what we can do about it. I went in thinking…. I’m not gonna ever get scammed, I’m WAY too smart for that. 😉 But that’sContinue Reading

Value memories with photo albums

Looking back to when I was a child, there is barely a memory that doesn’t contain my mom and her trusty camera. Whether it was a birthday party, wedding, or even just my annual field trip – the camera was always along for the ride! I remember the anticipation afterContinue Reading

Album Showcase courtesy of Jay Seth Photography

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The Pro Photographers’ Approach to Competition

A smart pro photographer is interested and aware of their competitors, but not overly preoccupied. When you started your photography business, you put a lot of work and effort into it, so it’s easy to convince yourself that while business is slower than usual, the grass must be greener onContinue Reading

3 Ways to Prove You’re a Trustworthy Pro Photographer

When a couple begins to plan their wedding and considers a pro photographer, the number one thing they want to know is (besides pricing), can I trust this person? Is this an honest and dependable person? But without having met you (or maybe just meeting one time), how do you convey this?Continue Reading